Slovenian Rex Alpha

FIME Group announced it would soon be importing the Rex Alpha competition-ready pistol from Slovenia. The gun is designed with a DA trigger and short reset, steel frame, frame mounted safety with the decocker eliminated, wraparound grip, flared magazine well and extended beavertail. It has a 5″ barrel and is chambered in 9mm.

 The REX Alpha (REXALPHA9-01) is the next evolutionary step in the REX handgun family. It is a direct descendant of the REX Zero 1 and has inherited its toughness and reliability. Listening to the practical shooters, Arex designed and developed a pistol that excels in competitive practical shooting as well as in tactical scenarios. With the elusive and all important “shootability” being Arex’s primary goal, a steel frame was used in place of an aluminum one. A re engineered grip results in shorter trigger reach and notably higher hand position. An undercut trigger guard and extended beaver tail complete the ergonomic transformation. The long slide houses a five inch barrel, providing a longer line of sight for faster and more accurate shots. The slide has been lightened significantly utilizing lightening cuts to accomplish faster cycling.



 The REX alpha (REXALPHA9-01) is all about performance. The trigger mechanism is factory fine-tuned for each pistol to deliver a smooth double action pull and a short trigger reset in an out-of-the-box competition grade trigger. The full steel frame incorporates oversized ambidextrous manual safety levers, flared magazine well, aggressive checkering in front of the grip, extended magazine release, fiber optic front sight, and a fully adjustable black rear sight (windage/elevation).


 The REXALPHA9-01 is a 20-round, 5.0” barrel, 9x19mm, full steel frame competition pistol with several unique features:

  • Can be operated either “cocked & locked”. External safety operates in either configuration.
  • Ambi-safety and magazine release.
  • Extended mag release button – switched to either side.
  • Streamlined controls, decocker eliminated
  • Redesigned grip wraps around the rear and aggressive checkering on the front
  • Extended beavertail
  • Full steel frame and slide
  • Lightening cuts on the slide ensure faster cycling
  • Oversized frame mounted safety – teardrop shape
  • Nitrocarburizedsteel slide madefromsolid bar stock.
  • 1 piece cold hammer forged barrel made from solid barstock and Nitrocarburized.
  • Forward cocking serrations and full length sliderails.
  • Picatinny raileddust cover and Redesigned trigger guard.
  • Uses same mags as the Rex Zero 1
  • Red fiber optic front sight and fully adjustable black rear sight (windage/elevation).
  • Skeletonized hammer
  • Reduced DA/SA trigger pull (8.8 lbs. /3.3 lbs.)
  • Flared magazine well for faster reloads
  • Competition ready out of the box
  • Full slide manipulation even when on safe



Caliber: 9mm Luger (9x19mm +P Approved)
Color: Black
Frame: Steel
Action Type: Semi-Auto
Trigger System: Single- and Double-action, Hammer fired
Safety: Ambi External Manual Safety, Operates in DA/SA or SAO Mode
Overall Length: 8.9 in / 226 mm
Barrel Length: 5.0 in / 127 mm
Height: 6.1 in / 155 mm
Weight (without magazine) 39 oz / 1108 g
Magazine Capacity 20+1
Trigger Pull SA 3.3 lbs +- 0.2 lbs / 1.5 kg +- 0.1 kg
Trigger Pull DA 8.8 lbs +- 0.4 lbs / 4.0 kg +- 0.2 kg
Trigger Travel DA 0.4 in / 11 mm
Reset Travel SA 0.07 in / 2 mm
Barrel Profile/Twist 6 grooves, right-hand twist
Barrel Twist Rate 9.8 in / 250 mm


 Limited Lifetime Warranty for the original retail (commercial/civilian) purchaser, one year for law enforcement and military customers


In partnership with FIME Group of Las Vegas, NV, Arex is emerging into the US market with its highly acclaimed Rex Zero 1 pistol line.  Having a dedicated, creative, and experienced team and a vision for excellence, Arex is determined to become one of the staples in the sport, tactical shooting, and self-defense markets, as well as a trusted brand name for military and law enforcement agencies around the world.

Arex CNC machining capabilities and quality controls are quite evident in this video tour of the plant.
The Rex Zero 1 Tactical Model in black color with two 20-round capacity magazines, 4.9” threaded barrel 9mm pistol with several unique features.

Order one here

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