Firearms for Personal Protection by Joseph von Benedikt

Learn the ins and outs of armed defense, including concealed carry, safety practices, and more with this indispensable guide.

 Learn the ins and outs of armed defense, including concealed carry, safety practices, and more with this indispensable guide.

You’ll like this guide to carrying personal protection firearms if:

  • You’re looking for practical information on concealed carry and the like
  • You’re a new gun owner
  • You want a non-tactical approach to carrying a gun for personal protection

 Get a realistic and common sense approach to concealed carry and other personal protection topics with Firearms for Personal Protection by Joseph von Benedikt. Providing a practical, non-tactical perspective, this comprehensive guide covers essential concepts pertaining to personal-protection gun ownership and use, including concealed carry, good safety and handling practices, nightstand guns, shotguns, carbines, and much more. Stemming from several years of real-world gun carry and use in the Southwest United States, this book provides the knowledge you need with the experience to back it up.

 While pseudo-tactical enthusiasm certainly has its place, Joseph von Benedikt presents and discusses a view supporting the idea that mastering the use of firearms for personal protection comes from time spent practicing and developing an unconscious competence. While compressed tactical training can help with learning proper handling techniques, long acquaintance and familiarity with a firearm are what truly provide for the mastery of using one for personal protection.

In Firearms for Personal Protection you’ll find:

  • Solid, practical information on firearms, free of pseudo-tactical attitude
  • Technical information on various models of suitable personal protection firearms
  • How to: choosing the right gun, becoming proficient, methods of carry, and more

A word from the author:

 “My philosophy regarding firearms for personal protection is founded in practical mastery, versatility, and the unconscious competence that only comes with time and frequent use.” —Joseph von Benedikt

About the author:

 Joseph von Benedikt was raised in a remote region of southern Utah, and spent nine years of his late teens and twenties guiding big-game hunters and four years doing part-time amateur gunsmithing. After publishing several articles in hunting and shooting magazines during his college years, von Benedikt became the associate editor of Petersen’s RifleShooter and G&A’s Handguns. He is now the Editor in Chief of Shooting Times magazine at InterMedia Outdoors.


Chapter 1: Semiautomatic vs. Revolver
Chapter 2: Caliber Choices
Chapter 3: Concealed Carry vs. Nightstand Guns
Chapter 4: Recommended Concealed Carry Handguns
Chapter 5: Recommended Nightstand Guns
Chapter 6: Choosing the Right Handgun
Chapter 7: Handguns vs. Rifles vs. Shotguns
Chapter 8: Rifle Cartridges and Shotgun Gauges
Chapter 9: Proficiency and Safety
Chapter 10: The Practical/Tactical Dichotomy
Chapter 11: Get the Most Out of Your Handgun
Chapter 12: Get the Most Out of Your Shotgun
Chapter 13: Get the Most Out of Your Rifle
Chapter 14: Care and Maintenance
Chapter 15: Customizing
Chapter 16: Lights, Lasers, and Other Gizmos
Chapter 17: Avoiding Conflict
Chapter 18: After a Shooting
Chapter 19: Your 2nd Amendment Responsibility
Chapter 20: Special Prepper Section

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Ebook $17.99

Paperback only $5.00

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