Gun Digest Assembly/Disassembly Digital Collection DEAL $79.99 (RP $241.93)

The perfect addition to a library for D.I.Y minded gun owners, gunsmiths, law enforcement agents, military personnel.

 New for 2018 with updated assembly/disassembly resources. With no shipping necessary, the digital collection is an even greater value then the book collection.

 This collection has been updated with the newest edition of Gun Digest Book of Shotguns Assembly/Disassembly eBook, by renowned expert Kevin Muramatsu.

 This acclaimed series of assembly and disassembly guides is now available to you in digital form. The seven books are among the most detailed firearms references available, with step-by-step instructions and comprehensive photos walking you through the takedown and reassembly of the most popular models of guns. Each guide starts with a detailed list of the tools required and what each will be used for. The references all include individual firearms listings, detailing the firearms’ manufacturers, makes, and where it was produced. The information also includes details about the specifics of each gun: gauge/caliber, magazine capacity, length, height, barrel length, weight and variants of the firearms that would utilize the same takedown/reassembly instructions. This is an ideal guide for a gun owner looking to make repairs, clean or customize a gun. This collection is an absolute must for serious firearms owners.


  • Gun Digest Book of Automatic Pistols Assembly/Disassembly 5th Edition eBook by ;

  • Gun Digest Book of Revolvers Assembly/Disassembly by ;

  • Gun Digest Book of Tactical Weapons Assembly/Disassembly, 2nd Edition eBook by ;

  • Gun Digest Book of Shotguns Assembly/Disassembly, 4th Edition by ;

  • Gun Digest Book of Rimfire Rifles Assembly/Disassembly 4th Edition by ;

  • Antique Firearms Assembly/Disassembly eBook;

  • Gun Digest Book of Centerfire Rifles 4th Edition by .

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