Carbon-fibre barrel rifle Mark V CarbonMark by Weatherby


 Weatherby introduced Mark V CarbonMark with carbon-fibre barrel 64% lighter than traditional steel barrels. Together with 9-lug Mark V magnum action and LXX trigger, this rifle delivers incredible performance. With SUB-MOA accuracy guarantee handlapped barrel ensure that the bullet flight path will be true and consistent.

 Newly styled stock have been ergonomically enhance with a slimmer forearm and sharper, more distinctive line and contour. The grip diameter has been reduced, a slight right-hand palm swell has been added and overall weight reduced. The lighter weight results in increased comfort, control, quicker to the shoulder mounting, and faster target acquisition.



New LXX Trigger is outstanding. The engagement surfaces are precision ground and polished. Overall tolerances refined. A new, wider trigger face increases trigger-to-finger contact, all for a more consistent and comfortable pull adjusted down to 2.5 lbs.

Fluted bolt body features three gas ports to allow high-pressure gases to escape laterally in the event of an accidental case rupture. Longitudinal flutes reduce weight and bearing surface area while eliminating binding for smooth action.

The shortest in the industry 54° bolt lift (as compared to typical 90° bolt throw). Allows faster chambering on follow-up shots and greater bolt-to-scope clearance to eliminate battered knuckles.

One-piece forged and machined receiver features integral recoil lug for the utmost in strength and structural integrity.

Cocking indicator visually indicates whether rifle is cocked or uncocked.

Mark V CarbonMark is built to handle the pounding of powerful magnum loads. However, for those hunters who prefer non-magnum calibers, they offer the Mark V standard 6-Lug action, accommodating up to .30-06 length cartridges including the .240 Wby. Mag. Utilizing the same one-piece forged receiver design, their standard 6-Lug action is dimensionally smaller and weighs 28% less than its magnum 9-Lug counterpart providing lighter overall weight without sacrificing an ounce of strength or structural integrity.

Mark V CarbonMark is a great rifle, however you have to pay the right money for quality. MSRP $4100

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  • SUB-MOA accuracy guarantee (.99” or less 3-shot group at 100 yards when used with Weatherby® factory or premium ammunition)
  • LXX Trigger
  • Fluted Bolt Body
  • 54-Degree Bolt Lift
  • Integral Recoil Lug
  • Cocking Indicator
  • Magnum 9-Lug Action
  • 9-lug weighs 7 3/4 pounds


  • Stock has been designed with a slimmer forearm and more distinctive lines and contours
  • Grip diameter has been reduced
  • Slight right-hand palm swell
  • Hand-laminated, raised comb Monte Carlo composite stock
  • Aluminum bedding block
  • Matte gel coat finish


  • 26” Proof Research carbon-fiber barrel
  • Hand-lapped
  • Cut rifled
  • 416R grade stainless steel core in #4 contour
  • Tactical Grey Cerakote® finish
  • 5/8×24 threaded muzzle with flush thread cap
Product Line Mark V
Stock Composite
Pattern None
Available Products
Caliber Approx. Weight Overall Length Magazine Capacity Barrel Length / Contour Rifling Length of Pull Drop at Comb Drop at Heel Monte Carlo
257 Wby. Mag. 7 3/4 lbs. 46 5/8″ 3+1 26″ #4 1-10″ 13 5/8″ 7/8″ 1 5/8″ 5/8″

6.5-300 Wby. Mag. 7 3/4 lbs. 46 5/8″ 3+1 26″ #4 1-8″ 13 5/8″ 7/8″ 1 5/8″ 5/8″

300 Wby. Mag. 7 3/4 lbs. 46 5/8″ 3+1 26″ #4 1-10″ 13 5/8″ 7/8″ 1 5/8″ 5/8″

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