Get Your Edge! II Giveaway

Enter to win $6K Guns and Gear worth giveaway.

Get Your Edge! II Giveaway worth of $6K Guns and Gear

Enter HERE

1. Springfield Armory SAINT Edge Valued at $1,299.00

2. Springfield Armory XD(M) 3.8” Compact 9MM Valued at $630.00

3. Crossbreed Holsters $1,200 gift card (only valid at

4. Crossbreed Holsters Founders Series SuperTuck Holster Valued at $89.95

5. Crossbreed Holsters Founders Series Executive Belt Valued at $84.95

6. FAB Defense GLR16 Buttstock Valued at $83.90

7. FAB Defense AGR43 Grip Valued at $35.00

8. FAB Defense MOJO magwell grip Valued at $56.65

9. FAB Defense T-PODG2PR pivoting bipod Valued at $167.10

10. FAB Defense FRBS folding backup sights Valued at $93.70

11. FAB Defense ULTIMAG R30 and R10 (2 each 30rd and 10rd mags) Retail for 4 mags $94.00

12. Meprolight M21 fiber optic and tritium day/night optic Valued at $563.25

13. Meprolight FT-BULLSEYE Circle/Dot Fiber optic and tritium day/night sight Valued at $209.70

14. FAB Defense RTS Veleta 3 Target system Valued at $215.00

15. Freedom Munitions 1,000 RDS X-DEF 9mm Luger 124 GR +P Valued at $499.00

16. Freedom Munitions Promatch 223 REM 77 GR HPBT Valued at $1,049.60

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