FieldCraft Survival

 Had a short play with FCPX again. Hooked up on this thing. Too bad I don’t have my own footage, so I had to borrow it from @tapsmedia and @fieldcraftsurvival YouTube channels. If there is a problem, I will take it down.

Why this video? I wanted to say a big thanks to these two cool dudes from @fieldcraftsurvival@mike.a.glover and @kurt_teamfieldcraft for everything they do. I have found them more or less a year ago on Instagram and been following them ever since. Starting daily motivation boosts, podcasts and other stuff they do – it left a huge positive mark on my mindset. If you don’t know these dudes, you better start following them now. Because #tribe is what matters.

You can find more info about FCS courses and products here

SAFARILAND Expedition Multi-Gun Match 2018

The Safariland Group presents Multi-Gun Match 2018.

 The Safariland Group presents Multi-Gun Match 2018. I am super excited and really will be following this one.

 The event will take place at the Pro Gun Club in Boulder City, Nevada on June 7-10. Competitors can enter folowing divisions: Tac, Limited, Heavy, Open, PPC (shooting the entire match with 1 PPC gun), 2 Gun (shooting the entire match with Rifle/Pistol) and 2X4 (using Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun and PPC). And new for this year, Safariland will offer a pistol only division’s for Open, Limited, Production and Carry Optics.

 More info, registration and rules over here.


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An important message from Springfield Armory

An important message from Springfield Armory

American Patriots,

 The anti-gun and anti-2A forces are assembling in towns and cities across our great nation. They are emboldened by the fever pitch of the recent tragedy in Florida and feel the wind is at their back as they move, as always, to infringe further upon the rights given to us by our Founding Forefathers.

 We, at Springfield Armory, are heartbroken and disturbed by the acts of violence in Florida, committed by a mentally unstable individual that so many knew, and reported, to be a danger to our citizens.

 It is only natural in times like these to want to do SOMETHING. It is also in times like this that we must not act solely for the sake of acting. Clear-headed discussions, free of emotion and knee-jerk reactions must be the order of the day. We must do something to protect our children so that these horrible acts are stopped for good. We also must do what is necessary to ensure the survival of our Second Amendment, the Amendment that protects all others. The Amendment our Founders trusted to our Republic with the words “Shall Not be Infringed”. These rights were fought for and earned with the blood of American Patriots at places like Lexington and Concord, Bunker Hill, and Trenton.

 Now is the time to act. With the specter of further 2A infringements looming tall over the nation, it is imperative that you contact your Legislators and demand that they uphold their oath to protect the Constitution of our beloved United States of America. Freedom is not free. It must be fought for against the forces who would happily give up our most sacred rights and freedoms.

Please call both your Senator and Congressman using the links below:

US Senators:

US Representatives:

 “The Constitution shall never be construed to prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms.” – Samuel Adams, Massachusetts Ratifying Convention, 1788

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10 Commandments for Concealed Carry

10 Commandments for Concealed Carry

..Steve switched off his old Toyota engine. It was his grandfather’s yellow Hilux with lots of rust on it. The inside was not cleaned for a while. Steve didn’t bother to look after the truck. This truck was nothing but a reminder of his childhood.

Steve has checked his gun holster on the right side of his hip and walked out of the car. Before closing the drivers door, he fixed his jacket on top of the holster, so the old Ruger wouldn’t be visible to the public..

1 Commandment – If You Choose to Carry, Always Carry As Much As Is Possible

Always expect criminals to use their guns. They got nothing to loose, you have. Be always prepared.

2 Commandment – Don’t Carry A Gun If You Aren’t Prepared To Use It

Prepare yourself all the time. Go to the shooting range, book some courses, speak to the people. Communication is number one. Once you are mentally prepared, the rest is at the shooting ranges. Get the tactical training.

3 Commandment – Don’t Let The Gun Make You Reckless

Prepare and act accordingly. Don’t be obsessed and forget about it, but remember when you need to use it.

4 Commandment – Carry Legally

Get the permit or move where you can get one. Don’t walk around with the gun without a license and wait until police comes knocking on your door.

5 Commandment – Know What You’re Doing

Gun fights are happened in seconds. Lawsuits in years. Think.

6 Commandment – Concealed Means Concealed

Conceal wisely. Don’t let the idiots to call the police and pretend that they are victims. Be like Steve.

7 Commandment – Maximize Your Firearms Familiarity

Practice, practice, practice.

8 Commandment – Understand The Fine Points

Study the law wherever you are.

9 Commandment – Carry an Adequate Firearm

.22 is only to make a hit. Carry .38 Special, 9mm, .45ACP or something similar.

10 Commandment – Use Common Sense

Common sense – encompassing ethics and logic and law alike – must be your constant guide and companion when you carry a gun. When you carry a gun, you literally carry the power of life and death. It is a power that belongs only in the hands of responsible people who care about consequences, and who are respectful of life and limb and human safety, that of others as well as their own.

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