Trailblazer Firearms LifeCard .22LR

Ever wanted a size of a credit card .22? Then check this one out!

 The new standard for Discreet Carry – a folding, single-shot .22LR pistol that’s no bigger than a stack of credit cards by Trailblazer Firearms. At .5 inches thin and weighing less than 7 ounces, LifeCard will be the last gun you’ll leave behind.

  • Discreet shape – sleek, no-snag design
  • Size of a credit card when folded
  • Full-size handle for easy use when unfolded
  • Completely ambidextrous
  • Built-in safety features


For availability & purchase info, please contact them on 828-782-1099, or via email

MSRP $399



ACTION: Single Action
WEIGHT: 7 oz.
MATERIALS: 4140 Pre-hardened Steel (barrel, bolt, trigger) / Aluminum (frame, handle). 100% machined billet.
FINISH: Corrosion Resistant Isonite® Steel / Hard Coat Anodized Aluminum.
SAFETY: Will not fire when closed

Walther PPQ M2 5″ .40SW SALE for $429.00 (MSRP $749.00)

Massive discount. Read more.

 Walther PPQ M2 5″, 11 Round Semi Auto Handgun, .40SW

 Chambered in .40S&W and holds 11 rounds in it’s detachable magazine, this Walther Arms PPQ M2 5″ is designed with a piactinny rail, three dot sights, ambidextrous magazine release, and an ambidextrous slide stop. The Walther M2 PPQ is built with a 5″ barrel, polymer fame, black finish, striker fire/quick defense trigger, and a tenifer coated slide. The Walther PPQ M2 5″, 11 Round Semi Auto Handgun, .40S&W includes three safeties — two drop safeties and firing pin block. WALTHER ARMS LEGENDARY LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY



  • Caliber: 40S&W
  • Capacity: 11+1
  • Sights: 3 Dot Polymer Sights
  • Barrel Length: 5″
  • Overall Length: 8.1″
  • Material: Tenifer Black Finish

 **Disclaimer: Shoot Straight Inc. Does NOT engage in the sale of firearms to the following states:**
 Alaska, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Washington D.C.

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 NOTE: For some reason Shot Straight wrote MSRP $649.00 for this gun. You can find on Walther Arms that PPQ M2 .40SW with 4.2″ barrel cost that much. I wonder if it’s a typo, but if you will be ordering one, better double check with Shot Straight customer service department.

C39v2 AK pistol by Century Arms

Century Arms announces release of a new AK-47 pistol named C39v2 Blade Pistol.

 Century Arms announces release of a new AK-47 pistol named C39v2 Blade Pistol.


 The C39v2 Blade Pistol is the perfect combination for a truck gun, the modern prepper, or anyone looking for a compact package that delivers power and reliability.

 The firepower and reliability of an AK-47 packed into pistol form, makes the C39v2 pistol a perfect option for the modern prepper, the ultimate backup or truck gun, or simply something for a day of ultimate fun at the range.

 It includes a milled 4140 ordnance grade steel receiver, receiver side rail (compatible with the Century Arms AK Micro Dot Side Mount, MSRP $119.99 here), 4150 nitride-treated barrel, RAK-1 Enhanced Trigger Group, with the addition of quick-detach attachment points for easy mounting of a tactical sling.

c39v2-walnut-cu-rd_1 (1)

 There is also available a stabilizing brace by Shockwave Blade for additional cost (MSRP $149.99 here). Made from high-strength glass reinforced polymer and manufactured to exacting tolerances. Quick and easy to install, it is mounted to the C39v2 AK pistol using Century Arms’ new buffer tube mounting adapter. Unlike other stabilizing brace designs, the new Century adapter mounts directly and securely to the rear of the receiver.


Manufacturer’s suggested retail price for C39v2 Blade Pistol is $879.99. To locate a dealer click here.


  • 100% American made
  • Barrel 1:10 twist, concentric LH 14×1 metric thread and ready for a variety of muzzle attachments
  • Chrome moly 4150 nitride treated barrel
  • Milled 4140 ordnance quality steel receiver
  • 1st AK side scope rail mount to offer a return to zero capability, also offers four times clamping improvement over traditional side scope rail mounts and improves sight acquisition for follow-up shots
  • RAK-1 Enhanced Trigger Group
  • Larger T shaped magazine catch
  • Compatibility with AKM furniture
  • Standard AKM sights
  • Retaining plate
  • Bolt hold-open notch on the safety selector
  • Front sight gas block and bird cage style flash hider
  • Bolt carrier tail heat treated to ensure maximum performance and life
  • Accepts all standard AK magazines
  • Ambidextrous QD attachment points for attaching a tactical sling
  • Comes with one 30 rd. magazine
  • MOE AK pistol grip and MOE AK handguard


C39v2 Pistol HG3788-N 7.62x39mm 30 rds. 10.6″ 20.5″ 6.55 lbs



Rock Island XT Series

Rock Island XT Series

 Rock Island Armory has taken the 1911 from a basic one-caliber design to a well-optioned, high quality, multi-caliber design over the past three decades with the development of the XT series. Intelligently engineered with a pinned solid state barrel design and delayed blow back slide that rivals accuracy, this series includes a 22lr tactical, 22lr /45 ACP combo and 22lr standard option. The XT series is backed by Rock Island Armory’s closely-managed, hand-fitted quality process and created in 4140 steel.


 Engineered with a pinned  5” barrel with blow back slide combined with our standard, crisp factory 4- to 6-pound trigger to offer match class accuracy and power. Includes low-profile anti-snag angle front and rear sight with skeletonized hammer and trigger with adjustable over travel stop. The XT Standard is finished with rock tough parkerized coating, fitted checkered rubber grips and comfortable extended beaver tail safety.

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Kimber K6s Revolvers

The K6s revolver brings an unmatched level of performance and shootability to concealed carry.


 The K6s revolver brings an unmatched level of performance and shootability to concealed carry.

 With the smallest cylinder capable of holding 6 rounds of .357 Magnum (also compatible with .38 Special), K6s compact revolvers are ideal for back-up, concealed carry and home defense.

 The Kimber K6s’ small frame, two-inch barrel and 1.39 inch diameter cylinder are machined from the finest stainless steel for superior integrity, strength, and resistance to the elements. The Kimber K6s offers other important design features, such as: a smooth match-grade trigger that creates confidence while helps ensure accuracy; an internal hammer and edges that are rounded and blended to help prevent a hang up when the revolver is removed from concealment; superior ergonomics and grip design that creates an extremely shooter-friendly experience; and an all stainless steel construction weighing in at 23 ounces.

 For those who require a small package with mild recoil, K6s provides the power needed for concealed carry, home protection and many other applications. Best of all, they offer unequaled Kimber quality, dependability and performance.

 K6s Staineless 3″ is the only one with extended barrel. An extra inch of barrel length can give the .357 Magnum (and .38 Special) significant velocity gains while also lengthening the sight radius.

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Kimber Hero Custom

One of the finest all-around 1911 available Kimber, complete with fiber optic sights, Kryptec Highlander grips, desert tan frame and a black slide frame with tan engraving. 

 One of the finest all-around 1911 available Kimber, complete with fiber optic sights, Kryptec Highlander grips, desert tan frame and a black slide frame with tan engraving.


.45 ACP


  • Height (inches) 90° to barrel: 5.25
  • Weight (ounces) with empty magazine: 38
  • Length (inches): 8.7
  • Magazine capacity: 7
  • Recoil spring (pounds): 16.0
  • Full-length guide rod


  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Finish: Desert tan, KimPro II
  • Width (inches): 1.28


  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Finish: Matte black, KimPro II
  • Front serrations
  • Tan engraving


  • Length (inches): 5
  • Material: Stainless steel, match grade
  • Stainless steel match grade bushing
  • Twist rate (left hand): 16


  • Green & red fiber-optic
  • Radius (inches): 6.8


  • Composite, Kryptek Highlander


  • Aluminum, three hole standard
  • Factory setting (approximate pounds): 4.0 – 5.0

Product Code

  • Product #: 3200383
  • UPC: 669278323831



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CZ P-10 C Urban Grey Suppressor-Ready

Built for use with suppressors, the P-10 C Urban Grey Suppressor-Ready has an extended/threaded barrel with 1/2×28 threads and is clad in our distinctive Urban Grey. High night sights and extended magazine capacity round out the package.

 Built for use with suppressors, the P-10 C Urban Grey Suppressor-Ready has an extended/threaded barrel with 1/2×28 threads and is clad in our distinctive Urban Grey. High night sights and extended magazine capacity round out the package.

 Many years in the making, CZ pleased to announce the latest addition to the CZ line of handguns — the P-10 C. Much more than just their take on the striker-fired pistol, the P-10 is decidedly CZ, from the way it feels to the way it shoots.

 First order of business, ergonomics. Anyone who’s picked up a CZ 75 for the first time gets it — it just has to feel right in the hand. With the CZ grip angle, the P-10 avoids that ‘brick-in-the-hand’ feeling that has plagued many in the striker-fired genre, allowing it to point naturally. A mild palm swell, deep beavertail and three interchangeable backstraps make the P-10 fit a wide variety of hands as if it were built for them. Because it was.

 Next up, trigger. So many striker-fired pistols do many things right, falling short when it comes time to pull the trigger. The P-10’s trigger is designed to minimize creep and stacking, and after initial break-in averages a clean 4.5-5 lb pull and rebounds with a short, positive reset — meaning single shots can be meticulously placed while follow-ups are effortless.

 Built to withstand the rigors of military use, its fiber-reinforced polymer frame and hardy nitride finish are made for the daily grind. A generous trigger guard allows use with gloved hands while being undercut to allow as high a grip as possible, and a set of metal tactical sights allow for one-handed manipulation of the slide on a belt.

 Like all CZ pistols, the P-10 is built with our legendary cold hammer forged barrel. The ‘C’ in the name indicates that it is compact in both frame and slide size, and magazines are of the same family as the hammer-fired P-07, meaning the P-10 C holds 15+1 in 9mm in a flush-fitting mag with extended bases allowing 17+1. Take-down of the P-10 will be familiar to most fans of striker-fired guns, and even more pleasing will be holster compatibility with some of the most common guns on the market.

 It may have taken a while to come to market, but CZ feel the wait has been worth it. With CZ reliability, engineered ergonomics and a bevy of features both familiar and new, the P-10 is the complete package.


SKU – 01519

MSRP – $549

Chambering – 9mm Luger

Magazine Capacity – 10+1

Frame – Fiber-reinforced polymer

Trigger Mech – Striker

Sights – High Metal Night Sights

Barrel – Cold Hammer Forged

Barrel Length – 4.61 in

Weight – 26 oz

Overall Length – 8 in

Safety – Firing Pin Block Safety, Trigger Safety

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CZ Scorpion EVO 3 S1 Pistol w/ Flash Can and Folding Brace

Classified by the ATF as a pistol. Serious home defence tool.

 Equipped with a folding SB Tactical arm brace, this Scorpion Pistol wears the forend of its larger brother, the Carbine. With the same 7.7” pistol barrel, owners can unscrew the 5” KAK Flash Can and install most pistol suppressors under the handguard, keeping the overall length down. Dual threads of 18×1 and 1/2×28 make fitting a suppressor simple.

 Current production Scorpion pistols lack the 3/4″ sling slot on the left side of the action that is present on earlier variants.

 The CZ Scorpion EVO 3 S1 Pistol is legally classified by the ATF as a pistol, and is intended by CZ-USA to be used as a pistol. Under current federal law and ATF policy attaching a stock to this pistol – or attaching a device which is then used as a stock or intended to be used as a stock – constitutes the making of a short-barreled rifle which requires registration with ATF and the payment of the applicable tax. Users of the CZ Scorpion EVO 3 S1 Pistol bear the sole responsibility for ensuring their use of the firearm complies with all local, state, and federal firearms laws.


Product Name – CZ Scorpion EVO 3 S1 Pistol w/ Flash Can and Folding Brace

SKU – 91354

Firearm Type – Handgun

Purpose – Home Defense

MSRP – $999.00

Chambering – 9mm Luger

Magazine Capacity – 20+1

Magazine Type – Double stack polymer

Frame – Fiber-reinforced polymer

Grips – Polymer, adjustable for reach to trigger

Trigger Mech – SA

Sights – Low-profile fully adjustable aperture and post, 4 rear aperture sizes

Barrel – Cold hammer forged, muzzle threaded 18×1 right-hand and 1/2×28

Barrel Length – 7.72

Weight – 6.5 lbs

Overall Length – 21 / 29.4 in

Height – 9.4 in

Safety – Ambidextrous thumb safety

Buy one for $999.00 here

FMK Elite Series

FMK Elite Series

 The FMK Elite 9mm is ergonomically built to comfortably fit both large and small hands. The barrel is engineered to sit low for superior point and shoot accuracy and reduced muzzle flip. Designed with a Shock Absorbing Back-Strap which softens recoil by one full caliber. The Elite trigger has a quick light trigger pull that features drop free magazine release. Sight system is Glock compatible, 3rd party sights are easy to install, so feel free to select your favorite sights! New textured frame with beveled magwell for speed loading. The new custom designed slide allows mounting of any Vortex Viper or TrijiconRMR optic right to the slide without any mounting plates.

FMK Firearms will be offering 4 variations within the new Elite Race Pistols. You can get an Elite, Elite Plus, Elite Pro Plus or Elite Pro.


The general specifications for all four models:

  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Magazines: 10+1 (Elite Pro Plus & Elite Pro)
  • Magazines: 14+1 (Elite Plus & Elite)
  • Barrel: 4″ Stainless Steel (Elite & Elite Pro)
  • Barrel: 4.5″ S/S Threaded (Elite Plus & Elite Pro Plus)
  • Frame: Polymer w/ Shock-Absorbing Back Strap
  • Weight: 23.5 Ounces
  • Overall Length: 6.85″
  • Overall Height: 5.09″
  • Overall Width: 1.14″