Crosman Benjamin Fortitude Air Gun

The Benjamin Fortitude is poised to create a new generation of PCP shooters with an air rifle that marries some of the best features of the Benjamin line.

 The Benjamin Fortitude is poised to create a new generation of PCP shooters with an air rifle that marries some of the best features of the Benjamin line.

 As a regulated PCP you can expect long consistent shot strings, fueled by the Fortitude’s 3000 PSI regulated cylinder.  Taking advantage of the newest innovations from Benjamin, the Fortitude delivers up to 70 shots per fill on the regulator.  Pushing lead ammo at velocities up to 950 fps in .177 and 800 fps in .22.  All you need to do is fill your cylinder with air via the male quick disconnect fitting, load up the 10rd rotary mag, and hit the range blasting targets with stunning accuracy.   Benjamin knows that you don’t just want accuracy, you want stealth as well and the fully-shouded barrel keeps your shots backyard friendly.

 The Fortitude is set into an all-weather synthetic stock that keeps the rifle at a light 5.3lbs (unscoped).  An 11mm Dovetail allows you to mount your choice of optic and still maintain this light weight.  For those looking to take the Fortitude into the woods, the stock is fitted with swivel studs to mount a sling.

  • Precharged Pneumatic
  • Bolt-Action
  • 10 round rotary magazine
  • Ambidextrous synthetic stock
  • Regulated 3000 PSI cylinder
  • On board pressure gauge
  • 11mm Dovetail mount
  • Fully Regulated
  • Single-Stage trigger
  • Fully-shrouded barrel
  • Male Quick Disconnect fill fitting
  • Includes sling mounts

 If you’re ready for an air rifle that balances, regulated repeating shots and high-end features at an affordable price point, the Benjamin Fortitude is the rifle for you.

You can pre-order Benjamin on Pyramid Air Gun Mall here for $299.99

Caliber 0.177″ (4.5mm) / 0.22″ (5.5mm)
Max Velocity 950 fps / 800 fps
Loudness 2-Low-Medium
Barrel Length 23.31″
Overall Length 42.6″
Shot Capacity 10
Barrel Rifled
Front Sight none
Rear Sight none
Scopeable 11mm dovetail
Trigger Single-stage
Buttplate Rubber
Suggested for Small game hunting/plinking
Action Bolt-action
Safety Manual
Powerplant Pre-charged pneumatic
Function Repeater
Max Shots per Fill 70
Body Type Rifle
Fixed/adj. power Fixed
Weight 5.3 lbs
Cylinder Size 135 cc
Shrouded Yes
Caliber 0.177″ (4.5mm) / 0.22″ (5.5mm)
Max Velocity 950 fps / 800 fps
Stock Synthetic
Grip Ambi
Color Black

Umarex Hammer Air Rifle

Umarex Hammer Air Rifle with more than 700 ft-lbs of energy. That’s in the same ballpark as the .44 Magnum.

 Umarex USA designed and now manufacturing a .50 caliber air rifle called the Hammer. For those that think air rifles are just toys for for squirrels only, this rifle will launch a 550 grain lead slug at about 760 fps. That works out to be more than 700 ft-lbs of energy. That’s in the same ballpark as the .44 Magnum. Lighter loads go faster, of course. The 180 grain ARX projectile will hit about 1,100 fps.

 Umarex uses a straight pull bolt that needs only 2 pounds of cocking pressure. The air tank holds 4,500 psi of compressed air. The trigger pull is set at 3 pounds. The gun uses a Magpul pistol grip and has M-LOK attachment points for accessories.

 It is currently out of stock, but you can register here for an update when the rifle will be available.

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Features & Specifications

  • Made in the USA
  • Most powerful production air rifle on the planet
  • Delivers 760 foot pounds of energy
  • Shoots a 550 grain lead slug at 790 feet per second
  • Places 2 rounds of 350 grain lead slugs within an inch at 50 yards
  • Straight-pull bolt with 2 lb. cocking effort and just 2 in. of travel
  • Delivers 2 full-power shots using 8 cubic inches per shot
  • Patent-pending Lightspeed valve
  • 24 cubic inch carbon fiber tank holds 4,500 psi compressed air
  • Regulated to 3,000 psi per shot
  • Utilizes Quick Disconnect Foster fitting for filling
  • Standard Magpul AR grip
  • Machined Picatinny Rail 8.5-inch in length with 20 slots
  • Modern stock design and manufactured by PolyOne
  • Three slots incorporated in forearm for M-LOK attachment
  • Rear sling stud built-in
  • 43.75-inch overall length
  • 8.5 pound overall weight unloaded without scope
  • 29.5-inch barrel length with full length composite shroud
  • 3 lb. trigger weight
  • Three safeties: hammer block, magazine lock-out, trigger block

Umarex Hammer Energy Generation

Grain      Material                FPS       Energy (ft. lbs.)

180         Umarex ARX       1100       484
200         Lead                     1055      495
250         Lead                     1000      555
275         Lead                      945        545
300         Lead                      930        576
330         Lead (Lyman)      935        641
350         Lead (Lyman)      875        595
550         Lead                       760        705