Auto Mag Classic .44

The Auto Mag Ltd. Corp. announced it was now shipping the Classic .44 pistol. The initial pistols are the .44AMP Founders Edition guns with the 8.5″ barrel. This run of pistol is limited to only 77 units. The second run is already in production. The second run of Auto Mag pistols is open to pre-order ($3,495-3,795) and will be delivered within 60 days.

 In 1982 the last Auto Mag was assembled; however, the story of the Auto Mag continues today.  In 2015 a new company was formed to bring this legend back to the market, Auto Mag LTD. Corp.  The new company purchased all of the assets and rights to the legendary Auto Mag from the Sanford family.  Auto Mag LTD, Corp. is now in the process of remaking the Auto Mag.  They intend to keep the heart and soul of the Auto Mag but, at the same time address many of the issues that true lovers of the Auto Mag have wanted resolved.  They are in the process of connecting with the people that have a true passion for the pistol; they call these people their “Auto Mag Ambassadors”. They want your input on The New Auto Mag.  As such, over the coming months their site will share their progress with you, the current owners of Auto Mags and the future owners of the new Auto Mag.  Connect with them by subscribing to their email list and become part of the team. As Auto Mag enthusiasts they would like to understand your interests and of course, your preferred level of communication.  They will respect your right to privacy and unless you tell them that you want to be contacted, you will not hear from them.

Latest News:

Auto Mag LTD. Corp. entered an agreement with Excel Industries to assemble and complete the Auto Mag. They originally had planned on manufacturing the Auto Mag in Florence, SC and Excel Arms was making the magazine and frame however, they offered to complete the entire gun and have Larry Grossman, the former head of production, oversee this process. In August 2017 they stated moving all production equipment from Florence. Excel has begun to setup a production line. They expect to begin shipping new firearms by the end of the year. In the meantime Excel has agreed to hand produce 77 complete Founders Edition handguns with 8 ½ barrels. They are selling 50 and using the other 27 for media, friends and family.

Once again, if you are interested in this great looking gun, visit Auto Mag website for more information.