Full Conceal M3D

The Full Conceal M3D pistol is a revolutionary solution that provides the benefits of a full-sized pistol with the concealment advantages of sub-compact pistol and introduces new benefits that no other solution can provide (no holster needed, more ammo capcacity…etc.)

 Typical full-sized (9mm) pistols come standard with around 17 rounds.  The Full Conceal M3D Pistol comes standard with a 21-round magazine (made by Magpul) that when folded sits flush with front of the pistol creating a cell phone footprint and reliably deploys with 1 smooth motion to properly index securely to form a ready to shoot (21+1 round) pistol no matter where that magazine is on the grip.

 The M3D pistol by design also accommodates a 33-round magazine configuration that is just as concealable and can be deployed quickly with 1-hand.  The added weight of the long magazine reduces muzzle flip (faster follow-up shots) and reducing the need to reload (that could cost you your life in situations of multiple attackers).  In any case, Full Conceal boys want to give you the options to maximize firepower while giving you a new level of full concealment.  As President Roosevelt said, ‘Speak softly and carry a big stick!’, was to begin gently, but hold a decisive weapon in reserve.


 The M3D pistol is Full Conceal’s modification done to a new factory *Glock 19 pistol (that Full Conceal purchase).  As *Glock is well-known for their safety and reliability, they modify only what is necessary for our folding mechanism and folding trigger safety (which changes only the trigger shoe) and keep as much of the original Glock factory components as possible (including the original factory Firing Pin Safety and the Drop Safety).


 Note:  While unfolding/folding the M3 Pistol, remember to still keep basic firearm safety practices and keep your finger outside the trigger guard area.

Naturally Concealable (Footprint)

 Has a footprint of a common cell phone so you can just put it a pocket, purse, or bag.   For those who carry appendix, you can tuck in your shirt and not have any clips on your belt to give away you are carrying.

No Holster Required (Thin)

 Be able to hide the pistol without a holster (so no added thickness).  By the time you add a holster to a single stack pistol, it will be thicker than the M3D and will not have the benefits of a bigger pistol.  However, for those who want to keep their M3D in the ‘L-Shape’ ready to shoot position or if they want to carry the M3D on their belt, Full Conceal will providing holster options.

Safe / Reliable

 Safely carry a round in the chamber, when folded (or even part way unfolded) and concealed without a holster, it is 100% mechanically safe from discharging.  Quick and reliable (magazine auto-indexing) unfold and pull the trigger to shoot

Quick / Easy Deploy

 Quick and easy to deploy under stress and low-light conditions (like a movie theater) because of the simple auto-indexing unfolding process.  When it comes to preparing to deploy (but your not sure if the threat is real yet), you can naturally put your hands in your pocket and deploy with one hand.  Consider the perspective: Can you deploy your current carry solution easily with one hand from your purse (keep in mind your pistol may be holstered) or if you have your shirt tucked in (do you need to pull your shirt out first and then get your thumb under your shirt to prevent it from interfering with the draw)?  Just some scenario to consider as you may not always have 2-hands to deploy.  It’s always good to have the option to draw with 1-hand quickly.

Full-Sized Gun

 Full length barrel (accuracy at distance), Full-length slide (longer sight radius for aiming at longer distances), Full-Grip (more natural grip for rapid follow up shots and stability).  Traditional single stack sub-compact pistol with no pinky extension are harder to grip/control and a shorter barrel does not help with the muzzle flip.

Max Firepower

 Deploy with the largest magazine capacity as possible, reduce the need to reload (which may save your life when there are multiple attackers or you have the need to lay down constant fire to extract your yourself and loved ones from the situation).

Well Balanced / Comfortable

 When folded, the pistol is well balanced (weight distribution and rectangular shape), compact, and comfortable for daily concealed carry.   Traditionally, with appendix carry on larger pistols, due to the footprint, the grip digs into some part of your body (ie – spine or gut) when you sit in a car or restaurant.  Being able to now carry in a jacket pocket or pants pocket, it’s more comfortable to sit down anywhere you go.

Standard Pistol Operation

 Once the M3 Pistol is unfolded, shooting and reloading is the same muscle memory as a standard pistol, so practice shooting the same as any other semi-automatic pistol.


Buy FC M3G43 here https://www.fullconceal.com/buy