Red Army Standard 7.62x39MM

Have you heard about Red Army ammo from Century Arms? Check this out.

am2423_762x39_fmjbt_bullets_1 You can order now Red Army Standard 7.62×39 FMJBT (Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail) Ammunition from Century Arms, premier AK manufacturer in the States. The new version, featuring a boat tail bullet and sealed neck and primer, was introduced to the market last year and is being imported again in very limited quantities.

 The rare, limited quantity ammunition is manufactured in Russia in a facility that specializes in cartridges for military and sporting/hunting small arms using high quality components and powders. This ammunition features a 124 grain FMJBT bullet with a bimetal jacket and lead core, non-corrosive primers, a lacquered steel case for smooth feeding and extraction. A military-grade sealant is applied around the bullet and primer to keep moisture out and ensure performance even after long-term storage.

 For more information on Century Arms and their Red Army ammo visit MRSP $5.00 p/box, $249.99 p/case.